Ministerio 911-EN



Ministerio 911 is part of “Ministerios Tierra Prometida, Inc.” of Iglesia Cristiana Shekinah (Disciples of Christ). This is a community service ministry which intends to supply people’s various primary needs through a network of donations and entities with the same passion for service.


Ministerio 911 of Iglesia Cristiana Shekinah will provide social help and assistance to people in need on a national and international level .

Phase I: Develop a ministry dedicated to social help for the local community in Katy, TX.

Phase II: Expand the ministry to provide help on a state level in Texas.

Phase III: Expand the ministry to provide help on a national level in the United States.

Phase IV: Become present and available to help during emergencies in other countries and in international programs dedicated to providing social help.


Ministerio 911 of Iglesia Cristiana Shekinah, will execute its vision by establishing a network of help and provisions with business people and organizations that want to donate their recourses and services in order to serve those in need. Ministerio 911 will serve as a receiver to those in need, identifier of possibilities to help, a contact to sources of help, and will make sure help is brought to the hands of those who need it.


•Community Service




•First, be an effective social help ministry for the community in Katy, TX.

•Be able to supply any social type need without discrimination of any kind weather race, culture, religious affiliation/traditions, and economic or social class.

•Participate in an effective manner at any help event in the Katy community organized by other organizations or groups.

•Create a network of help and provisions with businesspeople and organizations that are willing to serve others through Ministerio 911.

•Create a telephone helpline that can be contacted by people and organizations in need.

•Recruit volunteers in and out of the church to provide service to those in need.

•Over time, expand capacity and capabilities to collaborate with state, national, and international organizations that respond to emergencies or develop projects for social help.


1.Prepare promotional material for Ministerio 911.

2.Identify opportunities to serve in the local community in Katy, TX.

3.Identify possible donators who can provide resources and services, present the project to them, and establish terms of cooperation.

4.Establish a group of volunteers inside of Iglesia Cristiana Shekinah that can take care of distributing help and service as needed.

5.As the ministry grows, more people will get involved and a permanent group will be organized. This group will have the function of tending to differing needs, look for new donators, distribute information about goals that have been achieved, constantly be planning and coordinating the ministries activities, and be in charge of getting help to its final destination.

6.As bigger organizations are acquired and the network of help grows, new opportunities for social service on a state and national level will start being sought out.

7.Phase IV will be rolled out which has to do with helping missions in other countries, be part of other social projects in different countries, and be part of help during emergencies and international catastrophes.


1. Warehouse and singular place of distribution. We have a warehouse which is our storage dedicated solely to Ministerio 911in our facilities recently acquired in Katy-TX at FM 1463.

2. Connections with “Hope for Homeless in Katy”, and food distribution (NACC, Farmers to Families Small Box Program).


1. Distribute free food for the Katy community continuously on every last Saturday of the month.

2. Get different items besides food such as furniture, clothes, and first aid to offer to people in need.

3. Organize an administrative group in the church to operate the Ministerio 911 warehouse.

4. We need more entities that want to join our network of help and service with the capability to donate food and primary need products.


Along with distributing food and primary need items, we provide spiritutal help and direction to those who need it:

We are part of a large group of helpers from the church: